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  • A Detox with a Difference

    Casa Verde Raw Yoga Hiking Retreat was written up on Cosmopolitan Magazine Site in the UK.

  • Mariposas de Mindo

    Mindo is located approximately 79 kilometers northwest of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. It’s a haven of biodiversity and one of the richest areas of the planet with respect to the concentration of bird species, including butterflies. Here are some 3,200 species of butterflies. Many of these species are endangered. Best to go in the morning, the butterflies are more active in the sun.

  • Mindo Night Walks

    Two Canadian guys offer a great night hike. They regularly spot nocturnal forest mammals, armadillos, frogs. reptiles and invertebrates. Join them on a 1.5-hour walk and look for all of these in the wild.

  • Milpe Bird Sanctuary

    A 250-acre reserve of the Mindo Cloud Forest Foundation. It has several kilometers of walkable trails, bird observation area, and a botanical garden. Through its network of bird reserves in northwestern Ecuador, Mindo Cloud forest Foundation protects critically endangered habitat and manages reforestation projects.

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Casa Verde featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, August 2017
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