Chris, Alaska

Rachelle Robinett, USA


Kristen, Alaska


Raw food detox before after

Casa Verde exceeded my expectations. Wendy’s knowledge of yoga, nutrition, and nature is vast. I am so thankful she passionately and willingly shared so many unknown gifts and tricks about living a healthier lifestyle. Because of Wendy and my experience at Casa Verde, I will never be the same. Thanks for helping me to deepen my yoga practice, as well as discover how to apply more wisdom, awareness, and joy to my everyday life!

Chandra, Canada

raw food diet before and after

The best experience of my life! I came to Casa Verde Raw Yoga Hiking Retreat feeling exhausted, depressed and lost. After 10 days there with Wendy, I left feeling full of life, energized, focused and excited about life again! Plus I lost 11 pounds there on an amazing Raw food diet. I would highly recommend this retreat!

Veronique, Canada


yoga retreat before and after

This is a life changing experience and for me the beginning of something amazing.

Simon, Canada

Yoga retreat before and after

By the end of my stay, I felt like a new man. Wendy has done for me what no doctor or specialist have ever been able to do and in the span of only 8 days! I highly recommend spending a week to ten days with Wendy Green.

Chantelle, Canada


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The most life-changing experience. I left feeling better than ever in my life. Thank you, Wendy, you are an inspiration and a fabulous role model.

Johanna, Poland

Yoga retreat before after photos

I went to Casa Verde because my eating got out of control and needed someone to help me. I had no prior knowledge of raw food diet or yoga. I can honestly say that this retreat has transformed my life. I lost weight (5kg in10 days!!!), got stronger and fell in love with ashtanga, but most importantly my whole philosophy and opinion about healthy lifestyle has changed. That’s an amazing and empowering shift. “Wendy is an incredible host, the food was super delicious, her property is wonderful and her dogs super cute 🙂 I recommend this retreat to everyone.

Margit, Estonia


detox retreat before and after

I have enjoyed my time here and I feel my body and mind have been cleansed—I can taste food better, feel a new energy in my body and notice more of the little things that make life so amazing. PLUS, I have learned more about nutrition, health and the world in general. Thank you, Wendy. You are a beautiful, wise, inspiring woman.

Life is not about finding yourself.

Life is about CREATING yourself

My experience was amazing for many reasons. The cleanse felt wonderful, Wendy’s food was delicious, the grounds were gorgeous and the yoga instruction was outstanding. This is indisputable, so I recommend it for all those reasons, and they alone will meet anybody’s criteria for a terrific retreat. BUT the retreat goes way beyond this. I was introduced to healthy living in a way I’m not sure I would’ve come to on my own and now I have this education for the rest of my life. Wendy models what she teaches and does so with ease, humor and conviction. I have too much information now to make poor choices about my health, and rather than dreading implementing new habits, I am excited about it! And yes, it was an added bonus that I lost 7 lbs in 5 days. But for the first time, I am prioritizing my health over my weight, and by doing so I will get exactly where I need to be. It’s going to be a game changer for me, plain and simple.

– Desiree Patrice, New York City

Wendy opens her beautiful home in the Andes Cloud forest to guests at her raw food, yoga and hiking retreat. Her investment in the spiritual and physical health of her guests is enormous. Through videos, books, and teachings my eyes were opened to a very different way to think about nutrition which will change my physical health forever. I came to the retreat very burnt out. After my week long stay I left feeling invigorated mentally and physically and inspired to make many positive changes in my lifestyle.

– Dr L. Stein, New Jersey

There is nothing I have ever done that has compared to the 10 days I spent with Wendy… I feel like a different person. And, as all my friends have told me, I look like a different person too. The yoga is so incredible, I’ve wanted to start a yoga practice my whole life but always felt way too inflexible. I could barely reach my knees when I arrived. Now, I know I’ll carry my yoga practice with me throughout my whole life. On top of that, the food and company are fantastic.

– Ashleigh Phillips, Los Angeles

A week of paradise in the jungle… changed my life. I came with a mission and with your help, delicious raw foods, great massage, outstanding hikes, beautiful property and birds, great yoga, amazing company it was fulfilled. As you can see with the before and after pictures, I was blessed knowing you and learning so much about changing my lifestyle.

My mission was to stop taking my medications for Diabetes II; High blood pressure; High cholesterol; and as a bonus lose some weight in the process. This was an outstanding beginning to the start for the rest of my life.

Your encouragement, teaching, coaching, and leadership gave me the foundation to build a new lifestyle. I am living proof only 3 months later I am no longer taking ANY of my medications. My doctor said, “keep doing whatever you are doing it’s working”.

I can go on and on with the results and what it has done to my future with saving medical costs, feeling so much better, and being in control of my body and not having my body control me. You have given me the inspiration and positive mind that I CAN DO THIS and I’M WORTH IT.

– Fran Smith, Vancouver

FABULOUS AND SO SATISFYING!!!!!… Every adventure was ooh, ahh, whoa or wow inspired. I had the most amazing time!

DEFINITELY CHECK IT OUT, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!! YOU WILL BE TRANSFORMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wendy is highly intuitive and knows exactly what you need and are capable of. I had never really practiced yoga, let alone Ashtanga and have a nice beginners practice I was able to take home with me and now build upon! Very intimate setting! Wendy is friggin awesome! I came home feeling stronger, healthier, leaner and greener and so thankful for MOTHER EARTH! OM SHANTI!

– Julie Celiberti Sears, North Carolina

Wendy, you instinctually know what people need and you give it lovingly. I felt as if I had been wrapped in a huge cocoon of warmth and compassion from the moment I walked on the property. The food is amazing, one meal was better than the next and the conversation with every meal was thought provoking, lively and fun. Every adventure was “my favorite”.

– Romi Sloan, South Hampton, New York

Heaven is a place called CASA VERDE RAW YOGA HIKING RETREAT! Words can not begin to describe my experience here over the last 10 days or perhaps it would be more apt to say that I have so much to say, I hardly know where to begin!!

From the accommodations to the daily Ashtanga yoga sessions that left me positively invigorated (and nicely toned I hasten to add) and not forgetting the truly scrumptious raw food that emerged from the kitchen The breathtaking views, the beautiful flowers, the majestic trees, the bird songs, LOVE allowed me to connect with Mother Nature in a way I never thought possible and I now feel ready to move mountains and conquer the world!

You have a very special and beautiful place and I can’t wait to return!

– Folake Abass, Kyoto, Japan

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