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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How much do retreats cost at Casa Verde?2021-12-07T14:05:20-05:00

The cost for 7 nights (in the Main House) is $2,249, all-inclusive except for transport.

For our transformational 10-night retreat we gladly extend a 10% discount for a total cost of $3,115.

Retreats are all-inclusive, personalized, on-going (you choose your dates), and exclusive. You will have the privacy of your own room, unless you prefer to share with a friend or loved, which we are happy to accommodate.

The Orchid house is offered as an upgrade for 1-2 people (sharing the bed) for $450 extra a week.

We kindly request a 50% deposit to hold your reservation. Sorry, no refunds, no exceptions.

Covid: Is Ecuador open to tourists?2021-12-03T06:03:32-05:00

Yes! Ecuador relies quite heavily on tourism and therefore is welcoming all travelers, as long as they meet Covid entry requirements. Ecuador continues to be a safe travel destination. If you’re wondering about vaccinations, booster shots are also available to tourists, no questions asked.

Can I volunteer or work trade for reduced rates?2021-12-03T05:54:28-05:00

We currently do not offer volunteer positions or work-trade for guests.

What should I bring / pack?2021-12-03T05:52:59-05:00

As you pack keep in mind that Mindo tends to be quite tropical and wet. Make sure to pack:

  • Layers of clothing, preferably quick dry items if you are packing light.
  • Swimwear (there are waterfalls and rivers/streams nearby)
  • Light sweaters for the evenings.
  • Yoga attire.
  • A waterproof jacket or poncho
  • Long pants for hiking and for those mornings and evenings when mosquitos tend to bit more frequently.
  • Sun protection: a light, long sleeved shirt, hat, sunscreen and sunglasses. The sun in Ecuador is strong and while Mindo gets its share of cloud cover, when the sun comes out, it may easily burn.
  • Footwear: All-terrain shoes with good traction are ideal for nearby trails that may be somewhat muddy and slippery. Water-shoes or Vibrams are helpful near the river and waterfalls. Around the house you may want a pair of flip flops or sandals, which you can also purchase in Mindo.
  • Your Kindle or computer, if you’re here as a digital nomad.
  • A headlamp can be useful.
  • A non-disposable water bottle (metal or glass recommended) to refill with fresh, filtered water from our spring.
  • You can get cash at an ATM in Mindo, but it’s convenient to have some loose cash for your trip to Ecuador. Try to bring smaller bills; in $20 denominations or smaller. Larger bills, like 50s and 100s, are nearly impossible to use/exchange at regular shops.
  • Since we aren’t in town, we suggest you bring any other essentials you might need, such as feminine hygiene products, supplements etc.
Do you only serve raw food at your retreats?2021-12-03T11:03:52-05:00

Yes, Casa Verde specializes in raw food detox and ashtanga yoga. Our raw food meals are homemade, flavorful, varied and filling – you won’t be disappointed and are guaranteed to feel lighter and cleaner within days! Please get in touch regarding dietary restrictions or other questions about the food served at Casa Verde.

How far is Casa Verde from the coast?2021-12-03T05:39:57-05:00

Casa Verde / Mindo is located between the coast and Quito, however it is still a 3 hour drive to the nearest beach, Pedernales, in the tropical coastal province of Esmeraldas. If you’re planning to visit beaches in Manabi, like Ayampe, you can expect a much longer drive, between 7-8 hours.

What are the visa requirements to visit Ecuador?2021-12-03T05:35:35-05:00

If your plan is to only visit for a short term (less than 90 days/3 months), you can do so on a tourist visa, which you receive upon entry. If you wish to extend that, you can do so for another 3 months. Click here for more info on extending your tourist visa in Ecuador.

How many guests do you receive at one time?2021-12-03T05:31:08-05:00

We receive a maximum of 3 guests at one time. Exclusivity ensures personalized attention in your daily yoga practice and enough space and tranquility for a truly restorative retreat.

Where are you located in Ecuador?2021-12-03T05:29:00-05:00

Casa Verde is located on the outskirts of Mindo, a pleasant town in the Ecuadorian cloudforest, about 2.5 hours from the Ecuadorian capital of Quito. You can find us on Google Maps!

How far is Casa Verde from Mindo town?2021-12-03T05:19:58-05:00

Casa Verde is in a secluded area outside of Mindo town but is still only a 15 minute drive from the center of town. You can walk into town too, it takes about 1 hour.

Does Casa Verde host ayahuasca retreats or serve plant medicine?2021-12-03T05:16:48-05:00

No, we are not an ayahuasca retreat center and do not serve plant medicine. However, we work with local partners that do if you are interested in participating in an ayahuasca ceremony or a san pedro ceremony. If you are planning to participate in an ayahuasca retreat )in Ecuador, or elsewhere) we offer raw detox retreats that will ensure you body and mind and better prepared to receive and integrate plant medicine.

How do I get to Casa Verde from the airport?2021-12-03T05:13:29-05:00

You will likely be landing in Quito airport, Aeropuerto Mariscal Sucre, which is about a 3 hours drive (and a scenic drive, at that!) from Casa Verde. Flights from the U.S. tend to arrive late at night, in which case we can recommend a hotel to stay at near the airport, if you like. As long as we have your flight / hotel info and schedule, we can arrange a taxi pick up at your location. On the way back, since many flights leave Ecuador at dawn, you may need to spend the night near the airport. Please keep this in mind while planning your trip.

Are pets allowed?2021-12-03T05:07:37-05:00

Pets are not allowed. We have 3 dogs on the premises and prefer to limit the number at that!

Can I visit Casa Verde without signing up for a retreat?2021-12-03T05:02:55-05:00

Casa Verde isn’t open to drop ins since we hold year-round, exclusive retreats. However, we frequently hold yoga classes in Mindo that are open to the public. Please get in touch to inquire.

What is the weather and temperature in Mindo?2021-12-03T04:59:41-05:00

Mindo weather can be described as warm, temperate, humid, fresh, tropical. You can expect high annual precipitation because of the frequent cloud cover although, depending on the season, you’ll encounter many bright sunny days or mornings, sometimes followed by showers int he afternoon and evening.

The average temperature in Mindo is 17 C / 63 F. The driest month is in June and the wettest month is in January. April is considered one of the best months for birdwatching in Mindo.

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