Covid: Is Ecuador open to tourists?

Yes! Ecuador relies quite heavily on tourism and therefore is welcoming all travelers, as long as they meet Covid entry requirements. Ecuador continues to be a safe travel destination. If you're wondering about vaccinations, booster shots are also available to tourists, no questions asked.

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What should I bring / pack?

As you pack keep in mind that Mindo tends to be quite tropical and wet. Make sure to pack: Layers of clothing, preferably quick dry items if you are packing light. Swimwear (there are waterfalls and rivers/streams nearby) Light sweaters for the evenings. Yoga attire. A waterproof jacket or poncho Long pants for hiking and [...]

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How far is Casa Verde from the coast?

Casa Verde / Mindo is located between the coast and Quito, however it is still a 3 hour drive to the nearest beach, Pedernales, in the tropical coastal province of Esmeraldas. If you're planning to visit beaches in Manabi, like Ayampe, you can expect a much longer drive, between 7-8 hours.

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What is the weather and temperature in Mindo?

Mindo weather can be described as warm, temperate, humid, fresh, tropical. You can expect high annual precipitation because of the frequent cloud cover although, depending on the season, you'll encounter many bright sunny days or mornings, sometimes followed by showers int he afternoon and evening. The average temperature in Mindo is 17 C / 63 [...]

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