Planning Your Health Detox Retreat

So, you’ve booked a health detox retreat, does that just mean you can sit back, continue with life as usual until you get to the retreat center? Well, yes, you can, but there are a few tips that might make your health detox retreat a more pleasant experience. By definition, detoxing means abstaining from or [...]

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Raw food detox retreat – the best way to detox body, mind and spirit.

Over the years, the number of guests seeking a raw food detox retreat at Casa Verde Raw – Hiking – Yoga Retreat has increased dramatically. It’s really no surprise, most of us live in a polluted world, pursuing a high-stress career and eating food that is riddled with chemicals. We spend hours glued to a [...]

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Pre ayahuasca diet recipes and more – all your questions answered.

Many of our visitors are inquiring about add-on ayahuasca retreats and ceremonies, combining a detox raw food + yoga retreat at Casa Verde with a plant medicine retreat. The following information is based on best practices and dietary guidelines from the retreat center in Ecuador with whom I collaborate. Please inquire here with additional questions, [...]

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Ecuador travel restrictions – Covid entry requirements

Updated on March 20, 2022. Planning your trip to Ecuador? Here's what you need to know about Ecuador travel restrictions TODAY. To enter Ecuador as a tourist you need the following: A negative RT-PCR test taken a maximum of 72 hours prior to travel, counting from the time the sample was taken, OR A vaccination [...]

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